SLF 2.0 – Ako arc

Do you remember Ako? If you don’t, I won’t spoil you. Ako is a complex character, and one of my favorite.

Many of you sees her as an enemy. Well, that changes (for now). The beginning of her arc is totally different, and before going after all the girls (next versions), you’ll have to spend time with her.

SLF 2.0 – Events

How will the events will work?

They will be pretty similar than before.

– Unique events: by progressing with different stories, a lot of unique events will occur. Those events can be replay from the main menu (as you can see on the first image). The scenes from the Replay menu can be unlocked after being played once.

– Repeatable events: after reaching some conditions, you can activate a lot of repeatable scenes. For example, in the image, you can choose your reward after helping Alice.

The next version won’t have all the events from the old one. Because they will all be different and I can’t work on them all once. As you can see, I worked on a few:

Alice, Emily, Lily and the twins have a complete event, with a lot of steps, lot of unique and replayable events.

Mimi and Ako have a lot of events too, but that’s just the beginning.

I’m actually done adding new events. I’m finishing few things and I’ll start testing. And I think I’ll need one or two testers to help me, but I’ll ask later.

SLF 2.0 – Alice arc

To recap: the biggest event of the update. Totally different from the old version, with more than 250 new images!

60 steps before getting her into your bed. That’s long, I know. But she’s your damn cousin! During all these steps, her lust for you will grow and you’ll have to convince her to accept your situation. You can go to the beach, watch her while she’s changing, eat ice cream, play in the swimming pool… And finally, she will learn how to touch a guy, and you’ll have your own cousin/roommate/booty call.

Hope you’ll like her.

SLF 2.0 – Lily’s arc

Do you know Lily? The little ginger. She’s cute, she’s shy, she’s quiet… Well, not at all! She’s clearly attracted to you, and she won’t hide it.

For those who know her, her arc didn’t change a lot. It’s just a little longer to have sex with her, but you’ll be there quickly. Her arc contains around 100 images, with a lot of new one, and 25 animated.

And for now, it doesn’t include the events with Lily and others. Just you and her.

SLF 2.0 – The twins

You may know Ava and Mia, aka the twins. Two sisters who like to do prank, and who have a crush on you (particularly Mia).

In the old version, you meet them, you talk to them and hop you teach them how to have sex. Well… welcome in the real world. Do you really think two virgins while give you their little flower just like that? Haha!

The whole event has been totally remade, with a lot of new scenes. For now (because it’s not finished), you’ll have more than 200 new images for them and 35 animation videos.

SLF 2.0 – Better renders

Since the first release of SLF, my skill with Daz3d is far better. Here’s two examples of the new renders. 

I’m actually working on the school. This isn’t the funniest part. The planning is enhance so you can meet everyone almost everyday (so don’t need to wait if you need to talk to someone). This includes the new class.

Also, when you talk to someone, you’ll have a system similar to MLF. You can choose the dialogue, so if you want to wait, you can. And with an alert when someone wants to talk.

Stay tune.