Medchool, Love & Friends

Main plot

Sequel of School, Love & Friends. Highschool is over, you’re now at college. Play as an medical intern. So your life now belongs to the hospital. Do consultations, parties, lessons. Live the life of a medical student.


The game is a point’n’click. You evolve in several location: home, college, hospital and others. More choices to make your adventure more personnal. New mechanics have been added to reduce the grinding and add some fun. You can do consultations, and find the right diagnosis, or organize the freshman initiation. Just have fun.


– Story of a medical intern progressing between home, college and hospital
– Multiple characters with their own stories, personalities and realistic shapes
– Quests system with main and side plots
– Sandbox: choose what do you want to do, when do you want.
– Quality images 1920×1080
– Some different modes for various gameplay (consultations, party…)
– Sexual contents (static and animated)


The game is still on development. The actual version is 0.4 with hours of contents. A version 0.5 is on going.

You can get the last version through Patreon. You pay an amount of your choice, per new version.

Version 0.6 (free demo): Patreon or SubscribeStar

Platform supported: Windows and Mac

Langages: English, Russian & French