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SLF – Changelog 2.6

Hi everyone, I know it was a long time before the latest update, and I’m sorry about the wait. Here the schedule : Patrons 20$ : January 17th Patrons 10$ : January 19th Patrons 5$ : January 21st What’s new? – Ako event. Keep spending time with Ako and find out who’s her crush. But … Continue reading SLF – Changelog 2.6

SLF 2.5 – Changelog

What’s new? – The Populars route. Try to be friends with the most popular guys in high school, but good luck, because they’re fucking jerks! But this will lead you to the downtown gym. – The gym. Some new events will occurs at the gym, particularly with Mimi (and more in the future). By the … Continue reading SLF 2.5 – Changelog

SLF – Changelog 2.4

What’s new? – Continuation Hailey event. She wants to be your friend, but why not having fun? – Continuation of Karly and Christy event, the two lesbian cheerleaders. – You can now have weekend activities. On the second weekend (or the one if you have an old save), you’ll start doing things at home on … Continue reading SLF – Changelog 2.4

SLF – Changelog 2.3

What’s new? – Continuation of the main Twins’ group event. If you like to bang everyone, be careful because it won’t stand secret very long… – The spa with the twins’ group with massage and sex events. – The sleepover with the twins is back, with animations. – Get closer to Hailey, the photographer. Maybe … Continue reading SLF – Changelog 2.3

SLF – Changelog 2.2

What’s new? – Continuation of the main Family event. A new rival will appear which can lead to an optional NTR content. – Continuation of Mimi’s arc. After the rival left, Mimi will be all yours and maybe you’ll finally have sex with her. – Continuation of Karly and Christy event, the two lesbian cheerleaders. … Continue reading SLF – Changelog 2.2

SLF – Changelog 2.1

This update is not as big as the previous (in fact, no future update will be as big, because it took me six months, and now I have a baby.) What’s new? – Continuation of Mimi’s arc. At the end of the previous version, you were starting to get closer to your big cousin, Mimi. … Continue reading SLF – Changelog 2.1

Preview SLF 2.1 – Christy and Karly

Just like Iris, Christy and Karly are two cheerleaders, but with a special relationship. This event is pretty close to the old version. You’ll have to get close to them if you want, one day, participate.

Preview SLF 2.1 – Mimi

Hi everyone, It’s been a long time without news. I started working on the next of SLF few weeks ago, but to be honest, it’s harder to progress with my baby. So for now, the event with Mimi and her friends will continue on the next update. You will learn more about their personality. And … Continue reading Preview SLF 2.1 – Mimi


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