SLF – Changelog 2.6

Hi everyone,

I know it was a long time before the latest update, and I’m sorry about the wait.

Here the schedule :

Patrons 20$ : January 17th

Patrons 10$ : January 19th

Patrons 5$ : January 21st

What’s new?

– Ako event. Keep spending time with Ako and find out who’s her crush. But will she accept what she has to pay for your help?

– Hailey event. Your great friend who’s totally against having sex with you… But you’re smarter than she thinks!

– Virgins’ route. Do you think it was over? No, no. They’re still virgins, so something’s wrong. Fix it!

– Fang and Olive (the Virgins) are available for the beach.

– School route. A new activity with class B is available. Can be replay from the menu.

– New scenes at home with Alice and Mimi if you have good relationship.

– New weekend events

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