SLF 2.0 – School

At first, the game is actually in test!

Then, let’s talk about the school. I showed you the different events involving characters. But to get to these events, you’ll have to spend time at school. In the previous versions, it could be very, very… boring. This is why I worked to reduce all the grinding:

– All the characters are available almost all the time (so no need to wait a specific day if you need to talk to them).

– New shortcuts to go directly to the lesson or the cafeteria.

– New alert icon if someone wants to talk, or if that’s interesting to eat with someone.

– You can go directly to a specific room from the school map.

– And of course the quest tracker, to easily know your objectives without using the menu.

And if you played to the previous version, you know that during the afternoon, you have nothing specific to do. Now, you can join the different classes at pool, gym or baseball. Those events are not required to progress but help you to know more about the lore and the characters, and particularly the relationship between them.

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