SLF 2.0 – Events

How will the events will work?

They will be pretty similar than before.

– Unique events: by progressing with different stories, a lot of unique events will occur. Those events can be replay from the main menu (as you can see on the first image). The scenes from the Replay menu can be unlocked after being played once.

– Repeatable events: after reaching some conditions, you can activate a lot of repeatable scenes. For example, in the image, you can choose your reward after helping Alice.

The next version won’t have all the events from the old one. Because they will all be different and I can’t work on them all once. As you can see, I worked on a few:

Alice, Emily, Lily and the twins have a complete event, with a lot of steps, lot of unique and replayable events.

Mimi and Ako have a lot of events too, but that’s just the beginning.

I’m actually done adding new events. I’m finishing few things and I’ll start testing. And I think I’ll need one or two testers to help me, but I’ll ask later.

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